My clients have taken the time to write some lovely reviewswhich I have reposted below along with a link to their weddings if they were featured on my blog. You can also read all my reviews directly on Wedding Wire.


Andrea and Joshua

“We loved working with Lushana and Dave! Right from the very start Lushana was incredibly professional. She was the first person to get us thinking about the timeline of our day, and she made some great suggestions that helped things run smoothly. She was incredibly efficient throughout the day to ensure we had as much time with our guests as possible, and without any hesitation she stayed over an hour extra when our dinner ran late, delaying the first dance. And while Lushana was such a pleasure to work with, her photos are the real star. Every image is stunning. Everyone who I’ve shown them to so far has made comments such as “‘I’m a little jealous, all of these are perfect”, “they may be the best wedding photos I’ve seen” (that one was from someone married to a photographer) and “she captured all of the wonderful little details”. Lushana managed to capture all of the emotion and excitement of the day and we are so lucky to be able to relive it all through her images. We could not be happier with her service and have already recommended her to many of our friends.”

Sharon and Achilleas (see their Greece Destination Wedding)

“My husband and I live in Toronto, and were planning a wedding in his hometown – a remote village in Greece. I stumbled across Lushana’s work on my Facebook feed, and I immediately fell in love with her photography style, which is a combination of fine art, photojournalism, and editorial. I love the way Lushana uses natural light in her work, and creates such romantic and candid images. She was the first photographer I looked at, and I didn’t hesitate to book her to capture our big day.

Lushana was very professional and quick with her responses. She was really helpful in the planning process of the schedule for the day. She worked with me to make sure the schedule would incorporate the best lighting (around sunset) for the photo sessions after the ceremony. My husband and I didn’t want to miss cocktail hour, so she worked with us to make sure we would miss as little as possible.

We booked Lushana for an “engagement session” (it was actually just after our City Hall wedding). Being someone with great attention to detail, I really appreciated Lushana’s – she gave directions on how exactly to pose (where to put our hands, how to stand, where to look, and even adjusted my ring and hair!). I’m so glad she did this, as the photos came out great! Despite Lushana specializing in outdoor and natural environments, my husband and I really wanted our photos to be in the city, as this is where we met. She really accommodated us, and I love how the photos turned out.

Lushana arrived in the village in Greece a day before the wedding, and scoped out the venue to familiarize herself with the layout. The day of the wedding, Lushana and Dave (her assistant and husband) were quick and at times, I didn’t even realize they were there. They captured all the moments of the day perfectly, and captured moments that we didn’t even have a chance to witness. The wedding day was hectic and not everything went as planned, but Lushana was very flexible, and accommodating.

We couldn’t be happier with our photos and our experience with Lushana and Dave. We would definitely recommend Lushana as your engagement and wedding photographer!”

Ayla and Brian (see their Muskoka resort wedding)

“We’re extremely glad we were able to have Lushana (and Dave) take our wedding photos! A friend recommended Lushana and I immediately loved the aesthetic and style of her photography – especially for a more outdoorsy wedding. We loved the option to choose services ‘a la carte’ to make sure we got exactly what we needed from the day. Lushana was very helpful with suggestions for how best to schedule our wedding day, and gave lots of guidance as needed when we were in the planning stages. On the day of she was very efficient, which allowed us more time with our guests. She was also very flexible when weather got in the way of some of our plans. Lushana beautifully captured some wonderful candid moments, which was really important to us. Our photos are stunning and have gotten wonderful feedback from family and friends! Would choose Lushana again in a heartbeat.”

Kailey and Michael (see their Kortright Centre wedding)

“When we started looking for a photographer in the GTA, we knew we wanted someone who shoots with an “editorial” style and someone who was in it for creating quality art. When we saw Lushana’s portfolio we knew she fit exactly what we were looking for – and the fact that she dabbles in film photography was an extra plus! Lushana was very easy to work with before and during the wedding. She has an eye for fine-detail which really captured all of the small details and beautiful moments in our wedding. She was also very quick editing and returning them to us, despite having a very busy wedding season! We really loved the presentation of the final prints (they come with a custom box) and the custom USB key with our photos. We’re excited to choose some photos to have framed in our home. Overall, we would absolutely recommend Lushana for your special day! You won’t be disappointed!”

Trina and Adam (see their Downtown Toronto wedding)

“We decided to work with Lushana for our engagement and wedding pictures. My husband still says that she was the best vendor of all the people we hired for our wedding in 2016…and all of you brides know that we have to pay a lot of people and you want them to live up to their reputation. Lushana exceeded our expectations. If you check out her blog, her pictures speak for themselves.For our engagement shoot, she met us up north in cottage country and took the extra time to scope out our suggested location to get the best shots. She also managed to cover our full wedding day shots at three different locations in downtown Toronto. She was also prompt in delivering the photos and album after; many of my friends commented on how quickly we got our pictures. We found her to be extremely accommodating, reliable, and punctual. She makes the most beautiful pictures and we are so glad she was able to capture those memories for us.”

Ian and Elyse (see their Berkeley Church wedding) 

“Lushana and Dave take amazing photos! They shot our wedding at the end of April at Berkeley Church. We chose to work with Lushana based on other weddings she had previously done at this venue. Lushana has a very creative mind and excels at capturing candid moments that are so special on your wedding day. We received the final pictures back very quickly and were amazed at all the moments we now have on print that we didn’t even realize she had captured. Lushana and Dave were very open minded to our suggestions on some spaces we wanted to have specific pictures taken, as well as on-the-fly opportunities like when a street car passed behind us. We were nervous about timing so Lushana helped by coming up with a timeline that made sure everything we requested got included. We 100% recommend Lushana, she fulfilled all of our expectations; she even went above and beyond to help the bride tie her sash at the last minute. Thanks Lushana and Dave!”

Maggie and Vince 

“Working with Lushana (and Dave, her assistant) was nothing short of absolutely wonderful! We wanted our photography to be candid/photojournalistic/natural and to really capture the feelings that were experienced by/between us and our guests throughout the night. We also wanted the photography to capture the ambiance of the venue (our venue was a hidden gem called Madsen’s Greenhouse in Newmarket; it is a beautiful and cozy greenhouse filled with live trees, ferns, flowers and little garden lights line the ceilings and trees). When we first booked this venue, I was a little nervous about how our photography would turn out because the lighting in the venue was not the most conducive for natural photography (lighting and flashes were going to be needed). I had seen what other photographers’ images in the venue looked like and I was worried that ours were going to look the same (harsh, imposing lighting that was totally inauthentic and aesthetically unpleasing). I shared this concern with Lushana and she promised that while she would have to use different lighting techniques, the pictures would still look natural. I am so happy that I trusted her word on this, because what she delivered far exceeded all my expectations. Our pictures are just as beautiful, magical, and enchanting as our wedding night! They are perfect! Everything from the lighting, to the candid shots and the portraits were perfect (we were actually resistant to whole bride/groom portrait idea at first, but the few portraits that we agreed to take at Lushana’s advice ended up being among our most favorite)! Lushana’s pictures made us (and our family and friends) laugh, cry and most importantly remember how much fun and love our night was filled with! If you are looking for someone who is flexible, knowledgeable, experienced, professional and whose photographic style tells a natural and authentic story, then look no further; Lushana is everything that you are looking for!”

Heather and Steve (see their Toronto Beaches wedding)

“It was a pleasure working with Lushana and her husband Dave on my recent wedding. From the first communications I had with her over email to event day Lushana was professional, responsive and thorough. Leading up to the event Lushana and I had several back and forths to narrow down what I was looking for and had a face-to-face meeting at her home to review her beautiful work/albums. We agreed on a tentative schedule and I provided a deposit. I have an event planning background and in talking through the scheduling I was surprised how many logistical details Lushana brought up that I hadn’t yet considered. It was incredibly helpful in piecing the timing of the day together!

A week before the big day she came for a site visit to the outdoor location where we were going to be taking our portrait photos. She came at the same time of day so she could see what type of light she would have to work with the following weekend. I was most impressed with this, as she mentioned they had just worked a 9+ hour wedding the day before.
At the event Lushana and Dave were like ghosts. What I mean is that it was such a whirlwind that I hardly saw them, so much so that part of me was worried whether they had captured the photos I wanted! I think I actually jumped up and down when I saw them.

I am over the moon with the photos she took, the quality and style of the images and I would happily recommend Lushana to anyone.”

Olivia and John (see their Port Credit Yacht Club Wedding )

“5/5 on all accounts! Pre-Wedding: Lushana quickly answered all my questions via email; good first meeting about options/packages. LOVED the scouting out of the venue/surroundings a week prior to our wedding. She really took into account the feeling of what we were going for!

Wedding: Lushana and her husband, Dave were dressed beautifully. Our guests said they didn’t notice them at all! Lushana gently reminded me of what photos I wanted day-of which was helpful when you’re caught up in the moments of the day! I’m so glad she did, the photos in my mind were captured even more amazingly than I could have imagined! She was organized and super easy to work with, and made us feel comfortable the day of. I can’t believe how her work captured us so naturally, and really brought forth the feeling of the entire day.

Her colouring is excellent, her artistry and eye really come through. We looked very natural but had lots of compliments like “you should be wedding models!” We felt beautiful/handsome in her photos. HIGHLY recommended, and our friends who are married (many) complimented each aspect as well. Very very happy!!!”

Daria and Justin 

“We chose Lushana Bale as our photographer for our wedding last June and we were not disappointed! From the moment she stepped into my getting-ready room, it showed that she really knew what she was doing; the room was full of people trying to get ready meanwhile she snapped so many amazing detail shots so quickly! Seeing her work made it easy to trust her. I really appreciated how responsive and easy to work she was on the wedding day. I personally felt like she was making sure things went the way we wanted by asking our opinions and being flexible. Her husband Dave was really helpful as well! I love how soft and romantic our pictures turned out and how artistically she chooses her shots too! And there are lots of pictures to choose from! We would not hesitate one bit to recommend Lushana and Dave to other couples!”

Jennifer and Sean 

“Lushana was incredible from the moment I got in contact with her. I knew from her online portfolio that she was the photographer I wanted, and this was solidified in seconds during our first meeting.During the planning phase she was always responsive and professional, and I felt absolutely confident in knowing that she would create a beautiful photographic record of our wedding day.

There was chaos on the day of my wedding, but she took it in stride. Lushana and her husband, David, managed to draw out the best in my husband and I. We are both camera-shy but Lushana and David put us at ease and kept us smiling, and the results are worth every penny. Lushana created exactly what I wanted and felt from looking at her fantastic portfolio: a journalistic and contemporary, yet traditional, approach.

When I look at the pictures Lushana took, I am amazed. I can’t remember my husband or I looking so great in our lives! There is a richness, and incredible sentiment, in every picture she took.But I think what made Lushana so extraordinary were the candid moments she captured among our family and friends; moments that I missed because I was so caught up in the frenzy of the day. I saw my cousin smiling and sipping her drink as she looked at her boyfriend. I saw two groomsmen and a bridesmaid kicking up their heels as they followed us during the recessional. I could go on and on listing every incredible photo! Every shot was beautifully composed and poignant. Afterwards, Lushana was patient as my husband and I tried to decide which photographs we wanted to include in the flush-mount album that was included in our package. It’s a swoon-worthy collection of photographs that we have regularly enjoy revisiting.”